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Why Hannah Arendt’s Thoughts on the Shape of Power Are Relevant Now

According to Hannah Arendt, authoritarian government, tyrannical rule, and totalitarianism take different shapes. Here, Nathan Gelgud illustrates them.


Here’s Why Hannah Arendt is Still Relevant on Violence and Politics

For better or worse, German-born political theorist Hannah Arendt's views remain as timely as ever, as evidenced by Thinking Without a Banister.


The Best Books of March 2018: From Ramona Ausubel to Hannah Arendt

March 2018 brings with it more than the start of spring. From a short story collection from Ramona Ausubel to a Hannah Arendt collection, let's get reading.


14 Authors Quoted by Timothy Snyder in On Tyranny

The enclosed quotes reveal just how much we can count on past thinkers to show us where to go (or where not to) from here.


Books and the Bully Pulpit: What the World Is Reading and Why

These seventeen books – some classic, some contemporary, some brand new – are finding a new kind of life in this bizarre and broken political climate.