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Some Scene: 13 Best Books About the 1960s

From Civil Rights to the sexual revolution, the 1960s were quite the years in U.S. history. Here are thirteen of the best books about the 1960s.


Required Reading for July, 2016: From Tong Wars to Siracusa

Included in the bounty of good books this month: Delia Ephron's 'Siracusa,' Dan Zak's 'Almighty,' and 'Pond' by Claire-Louise Bennett.


Helen Gurley Brown, Black Sheep of the Feminist Movement

Brooke Hauser sat down with Signature to discuss her new biography of Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown, "Enter Helen," and the nature of Brown's feminism.


But Enough About Me: Burt Reynolds's Funny Memoir Proves He's No Joke

Writer-illustrator Nathan Gelgud interprets 'But Enough About Me,' a memoir by Burt Reynolds.


There’s Something About Helen

Helen Gurley Brown, the legendary editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and the unblushing champion of women’s sexual liberation, died on Monday at ninety years old. She was an endlessly quotable, endlessly contradictory icon who enraged conservatives for corrupting the morals of America even as she frustrated feminists by promoting retrograde views on women, sex and power.


The Dunham Diet: “Girls” Withdrawal and the Literary Cure

Whether you love or loathe the show the "Girls" void affects us all. The solution? To find solace in the inspiration behind Dunham's self-deprecating brand of comedy. Dunham is a biography buff, and here's a list to keep you sated until "Girls" Season 2.