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The Kennedys: Fact or Fiction

How well do you know the Kennedys? Author Kerri Maher separates the facts from fiction as they relate to her heroine, Kick Kennedy and her iconic family.


The Woman Behind the Throne: Maria Feodorovna, the Romanov Empress

Historical fiction writer C. W. Gortner tells the story of Maria Feodorovna, a Romanov Empress whose story often goes untold and uncelebrated.


From Michiko Kakutani to Anne Tyler: The Best Books of July 2018

Signature's picks for the best books out July 2018 include new books from Michiko Kakutani, Anne Tyler, Suzanne Rindell, and more.


The Trouble with Hating Ernest Hemingway

Historical fiction author Paula McLain wanted to hate Ernest Hemingway, but upon writing his story, she found that she couldn't do it.


Weekend Rec: The Last Watchman of Old Cairo by Michael David Lukas

If you’re anything like us, after dealing with the rigors of a work week, you could likely use a little escape. While it can be a little difficult to actually jet off to exotic locale for the weeken


All Too Human: Why the Donner Party Still Haunts Us Today

The closer we look at the facts of this infamous 19th century tragedy - the basis for Alma Katsu's new book The Hunger -  the more unsettling they become.