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Dr. Joseph Warren, the Forgotten Founding Father

What comes to mind when you hear "founding father"? Christian Di Spigna shares history about Dr. Joseph Warren, a founding father long forgotten.


The History of Sand: Sand is Everywhere (Not Just at the Beach)

Inspired by Vince Beiser's book The World in a Grain, Nathan Gelgud explores the impact that sand has had on our modern world, and all we use it for.


Stories of Crisis and Hope: 5 Best Books to Understand Honduras

Honduran literature is few and far between, but we rounded up the five best books to read to understand all that Honduras has endured in its history.


The Woman Behind the Throne: Maria Feodorovna, the Romanov Empress

Historical fiction writer C. W. Gortner tells the story of Maria Feodorovna, a Romanov Empress whose story often goes untold and uncelebrated.


Revisit and Remember the Obama White House With These 11 Books

These books, from memoirs to biographies, allow readers to have an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the Obama White House.


What a Tea Set Taught Me About Japanese Immigrants in America

Suzanne Rindell reflects on the journey of a tea set through three generations of her family, originally belonging to Japanese immigrants.