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Why We Must Capture and Preserve Eyewitness History

Author Don Keith discusses the importance of attempting to accurately portray and understand history when writing nonfiction.


Know Your Place in Time: How to Keep History Alive for Your Readers

How does an author make something old new again? John Schuttler, avid researcher and coauthor of Liberated Spirits, weighs in on the matter.


Young Benjamin Franklin’s Boyhood Heroes

Young Benjamin Franklin, aka "the boy," was driven to success despite great hardships he faced while growing up. Here were some of his boyhood heroes.


From History to Now: 5 Best Books to Understand Serbia

These books on Serbia, written by Serbian authors and those familiar with the region and culture, will provide some understanding of the complex nation.


19 Best Books to Understand Fascism and How It Works

These books, fiction and nonfiction, shed light on the origins of fascism and the mechanisms that allow fascism to operate, even in our world today.


What Distinguishes Catalan Cuisine from the Rest of Spanish Food

This tradition of combining food from the “sea and mountains” is part of Catalan's culture, which differs slightly from the rest of Spain.