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5 Surprising Facts About Madame Tussaud

Edward Carey, author of Little, shares five facts about Marie Grosholtz, a woman who is remembered throughout the world as Madame Tussaud.


3 Myths About Friedrich Nietzsche, Blown Up

Author Sue Prideaux debunks three myths about Friedrich Nietzsche, namely: That he was a misogynist, had no sense of humor, and was a Nazi.


Bad Language: Why the Prohibition Act Was Doomed From the Start

Learn how the seeds of Prohibition’s demise were planted well before corruption, criminal forces, and lack of enforcement funding pushed its repeal.


Why We Must Capture and Preserve Eyewitness History

Author Don Keith discusses the importance of attempting to accurately portray and understand history when writing nonfiction.


Know Your Place in Time: How to Keep History Alive for Your Readers

How does an author make something old new again? John Schuttler, avid researcher and coauthor of Liberated Spirits, weighs in on the matter.


Young Benjamin Franklin’s Boyhood Heroes

Young Benjamin Franklin, aka "the boy," was driven to success despite great hardships he faced while growing up. Here were some of his boyhood heroes.