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Relive Your Favorite Shakespearean Tales with Hogarth Shakespeare

As part of the Hogarth Shakespeare series, authors Margaret Atwood, Jo Nesbo, Jeanette Winterson, Tracy Chevalier, and more are retelling Shakespeare.


On Writers Taking on Shakespeare, and Why It’s More Than Okay

Who could come up with a story of political intrigue and betrayal that didn’t rely, in some way, on Julius Caesar? On writers leaning on Shakespeare.


Retelling Shakespeare: Tracy Chevalier on Moving Othello to 1970s D.C.

Tracy Chevalier discusses her contribution to the Hogarth Shakespeare series: New Boy, her retelling of Othello, which she set in a 1970s DC schoolyard.


The Epic Inexhaustibility of Shakespeare: What Giveth?

With the arrival of Anne Tyler's latest novel, Vinegar Girl, a new take on The Taming of the Shrew, we're considering the ongoing adaptability of Shakespeare.