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Don’t Look Away: On Emma Gonzalez, Tragedy, and Hope Born of Trauma

Jenny Torres Sanchez, author of The Fall of Innocence, reflects on the tendency to look away from tragedy in the light of Emma Gonzalez.


21 Authors on Hope, Literature, and the Unrelenting Power of Language

Twenty-one authors reflect on why literature is such a powerful tool when it comes to hope, what book they turn to when in need of hope, and more.


Why Hope Is Worth Having and How Literature Can Prove It

Is hope worth having? Our answer: a resounding yes. Let us prove it to you with the words of Barack Obama, Emily Dickinson, John Green, and Alexander Pope.


Historical Resonance: On Longfellow, Hope, and the Holidays

For our Under the Influence series, Jennifer reflects on the optimism and hope created by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poetry and how it inspired her in her own writing.


Life After Loss in Susan Spencer-Wendel’s ‘Until I Say Good-bye’

Author Susan Spencer-Wendel’s new memoir, “Until I say Good-Bye: My Year of Living with Joy” has inspired us to examine writers who transcend tearjerking and remind us that memoir, unlike our mortal selves, can be an immortalizing medium.