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Why I Revisit Stephen King's It Time and Time Again

A longtime fan of Stephen King's novel, It, examines why he revisits the novel every year and why it's important to have such a routine as an avid reader.


Love Horror? Try Out These 12 Blood-Chilling YA Novels

If you're a fan of horror and scares, you'll love these twelve YA novels, chock-full of suspense, screams, and terror.


Shirley Jackson’s Short Story ‘The Lottery’ to be Adapted as Feature Film

One of the most famous short stories in American literature crafted by one of the twentieth century’s most influential suspense and horror writers, Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” remains both


Your Guide to the King-Sized World of ‘Castle Rock’

Haven't visited the fictitious hamlet of Castle Rock in a while? Here's a refresher in advance of the upcoming Stephen King-inspired Hulu series.


10 Horror Books That Prove War is Hell

Adding supernatural elements to books set on the battlefield can yield potent results. What follows are some of the most chilling examples.


On the Trope of the ‘Final Girl’ in Horror Movies and Books

The author of Final Girls expounds on a horror trope that's transcended books and movies, teaching us about ourselves in the process.