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Learn How to Unlock Your Creativity with Data

Allen Gannett, author of THE CREATIVE CURVE, explains how data and research are extremely useful to anyone in a creative field.


The Plight of the Unimaginative Writer Living in the Age of the Internet

Rebecca Harrington explains why, in the age of modern technology and the internet, things have never been worse for unimaginative writers.


Diana Gabaldon Walks Us Through Crafting a Sentence

Diana Gabaldon, author of Outlander, explains how she crafts a sentence in a conversation with Julie Kosin at the Random House Open House.


Throwing Out the Writerly Constraints and More with Claire Messud

Claire Messud joins us for a conversation to discuss her most recent book, The Burning Girl, relationships, coming-of-age, imagination, and writing.


Communes, Collectives, and Beyond: 10 Fictional Utopias to Read Now

The history of utopian communities offers plenty for writers to explore. Here is a look at ten novels in which utopias play a central part.


Writing a New Series: A Guide to Creating a World from Scratch

Meg Gardiner, author of eleven critically acclaimed novels, joins Signature to share 5 writing tips for creating a new world in the first novel of a series.