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21 Best Books on Prisons, Incarceration, and the Justice System

Readers who would like to increase their knowledge of prisons are invited to read these books, which provide a window into what happens behind prison walls. 


There’s a Reason Demagogues Despise Books

Michelle Kuo recounts the experience of reading with an inmate and friend in an Arkansas County Jail and the connections to the need for literacy.


Chris Hayes on the Race-based History of America’s Carceral State

Chris Hayes's "A Colony in a Nation" offers a deeply researched examination of the current and historical forces driving our ever-expanding carceral state.


Banning Books in Prisons is Not Just Wrong, it’s Counterproductive

Lists of banned books in prisons are as lengthy as they are arbitrary. If prisons are to be rehabilitative in any way, banning books goes against all logic.