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The Woman Behind the Throne: Maria Feodorovna, the Romanov Empress

Historical fiction writer C. W. Gortner tells the story of Maria Feodorovna, a Romanov Empress whose story often goes untold and uncelebrated.


Nancy Thayer on the Loss of Anita Shreve as a Reader and Writer

Bestselling author Nancy Thayer on the loss the literary world faced after the death of Anita Shreve, and how it affected her as a writer and reader.


Literary Primer to Intersectionality: 11 Essential Texts for Every Feminist

We’ve crafted a primer of feminist texts that best illustrate what intersectionality means, whose lives it impacts most, and how to use the word.


The Importance of Embracing Failure, Rather Than Avoiding It

Podcast host, CEO, and author Carrie Kerpen shares the story of her friend and entrepreneur, Reshma Saujani, who failed before achieving great success.


4 Crucial Things Politicians Today Can Learn from Golda Meir

Golda Meir, the fourth prime minister of Israel, was an influential leader. Here are 4 lessons that politicians today can learn from her.


The Future Is Female: 7 Books on Female Leaders to Read Now

Amid all the crises happening in 2017, female leaders have really stepped to the forefront. These seven books prove that the future is truly female.