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9 Best Characters in Literature Inspired by Real People

These fictional characters in literature are some of the best and most-well loved, and they're all inspired by very real people.


Writing is a Journey: Let Inspiration Find You With Each Written Page

Lance Richardson, author of House of Nutter, discusses how writing itself can inspire ideas for those that lack a solid sense of direction.


Samantha Irby Proves That Humor is a Powerful Weapon Against Despair

Author Samantha Irby has potent wit and humor, and masterful writing skills: all powerful weapons against the dark.


A Modern Hero: Zhuang Liehong and His Incredible Fight for Freedom

Lauren Hilgers' Patriot Number One centers around the life of Zhuang Liehong and his family. Here, she discusses why he serves as a hero in today's world.


Don’t Waste Time: If You Want to Be a Writer, Just Write

Tadzio Koelb, the author of Trenton Makes, urges aspiring writers to stop wasting time by striving for perfection, because it's an unrealistic goal.


Tamora Pierce on How She Started Writing Female Heroes

Author Tamora Pierce discusses the lack of heroines in fantasy books when she was growing up, and the effect it had on her writing.