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An Expert’s Look at the Complex Future of Technology and War

Robert Latiff, a veteran, author, and director of Intelligence Community Programs, shares his insights on the future of war and technology in our country.


An Ongoing War: The 7 Best Books to Decode Terrorism and Extremists

Terrorism is a threat that shadows every aspect of life, yet most of us don’t really understand it. These books offer a good start toward demystification.


12 Best Books to Understand Modern War and Technology

Rapid progress is being made in the fields of technology and warfare. These books will help you to understand where we are now, and what the future holds.


Beyond Bolivar: 8 of the Best Venezuela Books Available

Venezuela is top of mind these days, but how much do we really know about this nation? Herewith, the best Venezuela books to know it better.


A Literary Look Behind the Iron Curtain: Best North Korea Books

Though North Korea remains as impenetrable as ever, these books offer glimpses into the nation through fiction, memoir, and more.


Africa’s Giant: The Best Books to Understand Nigeria

From Teju Cole to Boko Haram, these are the best books to understand the western African country of Nigeria, often referred to as the Giant of Africa.