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Misconceptions About Globalization and the Truth About Supply Chains

Finbarr Livesey, author of From Global to Local, combats false assumptions on globalization and urges us to restructure our beliefs on the global economy.


From Apartheid to Now: Best Books on South Africa

These ten books will shed light on the complex history of South Africa, and the ways in which apartheid continues to hinder the country and its people.


12 Excellent Books to Understand the Refugee Experience

The current global refugee crisis demands more empathy than ever. Read one or more of these books to better understand the refugee experience.


10 Worldwide Rad Women Writers You Should Know

Kate Schatz, author of the new book Rad Women Worldwide, brings to light ten rad women writers from around the world whose work you should get to know.


Movies with Message: The Human Rights Watch Film Festival

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival lands in NYC June 11 – and here’s why you should care.