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The Web Before the Web: On Writing The Friendly Orange Glow

Long before there was a World Wide Web, there was PLATO. Brian Dear spent decades compiling the system's living history in a new book for 2017.


Tim Wu on Why Our Attention Spans Continue to Worsen

Tim Wu, author of The Attention Merchants, looks at how our attention is being stolen by technological distractions and advertising.


Nowhere to Hide: 5 Books on the Changing Art of Stalking

Knowing everything about a person has become easy...maybe too easy. Here are some memoirs and novels that explore the art of stalking pre and post internet.


Sophie Kinsella on Our Quest for a Perfect Social Media Life

Sophie Kinsella, author of My Not So Perfect Life, argues the drive to look happy and cool online can turn into a veritable arms race.


Christian Rudder on Men’s Blindness to Their Age Bias Online

Christian Rudder, author of Dataclysm, reveals that men may say they're looking for women their age, but their online dating behavior says otherwise.


Hypercomplexity, Digital Surrender, and Our Tangled Web

Michael Byrne's new novel on web hacking might make us hesitate before putting more information recklessly into the cloud.