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5 Books that Bring Intersectional Feminism to the Forefront

What is intersectional feminism? For answers and inspiration on the topic, see this book list from author and activist, June Eric-Udorie.


Why We Need More Literature About Intersectionality and Young Women

Lorraine Berry looks closely at two feminist anthologies that remind us of the importance of intersectional feminism and the experiences of the young girls.


Morgan Jerkins’ Debut Essay Collection Is Exactly What We Need Now

In This Will Be My Undoing, Morgan Jerkins looks with an unflinching eye at the impact of the intersectional oppressions of being black and female.


Literary Primer to Intersectionality: 11 Essential Texts for Every Feminist

We’ve crafted a primer of feminist texts that best illustrate what intersectionality means, whose lives it impacts most, and how to use the word.