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Rachel Kleinfeld on Violence, Law Enforcement, and What We Can Do

We chatted with Rachel Kleinfeld, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, about her powerfully argued and timely book.


An Interview with Dathan Auerbach, Author of Bad Man

We got the chance to interview Dathan Auerbach, author of Bad Man, about his experiences in becoming a writer, finishing his book, and more.


An Interview with Linda Park, Narrator of Star of the North Audiobook

We talked with Linda Park, an actress primarily known for her role on 'Star Trek Enterprise,' about narrating the Star of the North audiobook.


Two Important Tips to Improve Your Nonfiction Writing

Robert Kurson, author of Rocket Men, shares two tips he's used to improve his writing since the publication of his first book, Shadow Divers.


Anya Yurchyshyn on the Difficulties of Writing an Honest Memoir

In an interview, Anya talked to Signature about writing memoir, and how what she has learned about her parents’ lives has changed her feelings toward them.


A Chat with Dave Eggers’ Latest Subject: Mokhtar Alkhanshali

A lively discussion with bestselling author Dave Eggers' latest book subject, Yemeni coffee impresario Mokhtar Alkhanshali.