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3 Rational Thoughts for an Irrational Time, Courtesy of Richard Dawkins

Nathan Gelgud visually adapts 3 rational thoughts on alien life, the internet, and religion from Richard Dawkins's Science in the Soul.


5 Must Reads to Understand the Muslim Experience

More misconceptions than ever abound about Muslims in this day and age. Here’s what to read to better understand the Muslim experience.


Guillermo Del Toro Finally Gives Up Hope On ‘Hellboy 3’

The end of 'Hellboy,' the evolution of California, the beginning of understanding, and the start of Tom Hanks's literary career. It's all in here.


Persian Perspective: Best Books to Understand Iran

Iran is largely unknown to those of us living life in the West. Check out any of these great books for some perspective into life in Persia.


Malcolm X’s Letter From Mecca is a Paean to Bridge-Building with Islam

In 1964, Malcolm X took a trip to Mecca that would change his philosophy forever. He returned to the United States determined to walk a more peaceful path.


What to Make of Trump, Islam in America, and the War on Terror

Professor and journalist Moustafa Bayoumi, whose debate tweet was heard around the world, answered a few of our questions about Islam, Trump, and more.