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NY Public Library To Attempt $317 Million Renovation

Also in the news: a controversial book about Palestine for kids, unintentionally profane book covers, and more. Welcome to the Daily Blunt!


4 Crucial Things Politicians Today Can Learn from Golda Meir

Golda Meir, the fourth prime minister of Israel, was an influential leader. Here are 4 lessons that politicians today can learn from her.


A Nation Plagued by Conflict: 10 Best Israel Books to Read Now

These books, many by Israeli authors, provide insight into Israeli culture and identity, and the complexities and trials inherent to life in Israel. 


10 Books to Understand the Israel-Palestine Conflict

As one of the most controversial conflicts in the world, the Israel-Palestine conflict is a complex one with valid arguments rising from both sides.


Exceptional Translated Fiction to Add to Your Reading List Now

These eight translated novels offer up new perspectives from beyond Stateside and are perfect if you’re looking to expand your literary horizons.


Weekend Reading: RIP Shimon Peres, OPEC’s Oil, and More

This weekend, mourn the passing of Israel's Shimon Peres, keep up with OPEC's decision to limit oil production, and celebrate a measels-free America.