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Why I Revisit Stephen King's It Time and Time Again

A longtime fan of Stephen King's novel, It, examines why he revisits the novel every year and why it's important to have such a routine as an avid reader.


The Top 8 Fictional Towns You Definitely Wish You Could Visit (or Move to)

We can steer you toward a few of our favorite fictional communities and, who knows, one of them just might be the place for you.


Hearing Is Believing: 10 Unforgettable Audiobooks

Certain audiobooks stand out head and shoulders above the rest, adding greater luster to already-cherished literary treasures. Here are some of these bravura performances -- including some from the authors themselves.


The 12 Best Stephen King Adaptations, Ranked

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to pass judgment on what we deem the twelve best Stephen King adaptations, chosen from a canon chock-full of cinematic gold.


Merriam-Webster Updates Definitions for ‘Troll’ and ‘Dog-Whistle’

New takes on old words, new systems for classic institutions, new news from a still-new film, and more - all in today's Daily Blunt.


Beep Beep: ‘It’ Clown Protest Was Fake News

Let's all take a deep breath when talking about the livelihood of clowns, shall we? This and more in today's daily roundup.