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Silver & Gold: 14 Quotes About Christmas Consumerism

These 14 quotes remind us of what our society trades away in exchange for that cheap, ephemeral jolt of dopamine that we get from spending.


The 10 Best Female Detectives in Fiction Written by Women

The mystery genre has been hugely influenced by female authors who have written female detectives. These ten sleuths are a few of our favorites.


4 Questions for Janet Evanovich, Creator of Stephanie Plum

We had the chance to catch up with bestselling author Janet Evanovich just as her latest Stephanie Plum novel, Takedown Twenty, arrives.


Stephanie Plum and 5 Other Tales of Kick-ass Females

Is it Katherine Heigl's latest role, Lisbeth-mania, or our New Year's resolutions that have us obsessing over bad-ass females in the world of adaptations?