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Fred Hersch Presents: 11 Influential Jazz Recordings to Listen to Now

Jazz pianist, composer, activist, and educator Fred Hersch cultivated a listening list comprised of 11 highly influential jazz recordings.


A Movie Like Music: Why ‘Miles Ahead’ Works

Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis biopic, ‘Miles Ahead,’ is imperfect – but still somehow everything you could want in a jazz film.


Billie Holiday’s Little-Known Story Comes Alive in Nathan Gelgud Comic

This Nathan Gelgud comic illustrates the love triangle between Billie Holiday, Orson Welles, and Rita Hayworth.


Sex, Jazz, and Murder: Talking ‘Empire of Sin’ With Gary Krist

We ask Gary Krist, author of Empire of Sin, about the early days of jazz and vice in New Orleans, the process he undertook to research it all, and his fondness for histories of American cities in the early part of the 20th century.


Play It by Ear: Improvising Music with Herbie Hancock

In an excerpt from his captivating new memoir, music legend Hancock discusses how, though lacking any formal instruction or mentor, he developed his trademark sense of musical spontaneity.


Roger Rosenblatt on Jazz Memoir

We asked Rosenblatt to reflect on the process of developing his unique story. Here's what he shared.