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9 Quotes About Gender From LGBTQ Women

As we mark another International Women's Day, it's important that queer and transgender perspectives on gender and womanhood are part of the conversation.


Arrive Late, Leave Early: Tips for Writing the Perfect Scene

A perfect method for endearing you to readers, from Jennifer Finney Boylan, the author of Long Black Veil.


10 of the Best Books About the Transgender Experience

Though we’ve come a long way in understanding the transgender experience, we’ve still so far to go. Look to these ten books for the insight we all need.


A Q&A with 'Transparent' Consultant Jennifer Finney Boylan

On the heels of the two Golden Globe wins for 'Transparent,' we caught up with Jennifer Finney Boylan, author and show consultant.


‘Transparent’ Tales: Advancing Transgender Stories in Books and TV

One way to see how we've moved from a climate of secrecy to one of broad-mindedness, evidenced by the popularity of 'Transparent,' is to turn an eye to the canon of transgendered literature.


From Transitions to Toddler Toys: A Literary Look at Gender Identity

Visibility for the LGBT community is growing, and stories of transgender experiences are among the voices to have emerged. Understanding is the root of acceptance, and so we offer four thoughtful narratives that help examine experiences of crossing gender boundaries from different perspectives.