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How to Actually Make a Difference in the Widespread Poverty Crisis

This excerpt from Leila Janah's book, Give Work, discusses the problems with how we currently deal with the poverty crisis and how to fix it.


The Origins of What Color Is Your Parachute: Dick Bolles’s Editor Reflects

The editor of Richard Bolles's classic, What Color Is Your Parachute?, reflects back on working with Dick, the origins of the title, and the book's legacy.


Unemployed? Swell! 4 Surefire Ways to Stay That Way

You like not having a job, right? Great! James Citrin of 'The Career Playbook' gives you four pointers on how to stay that way.


What ‘Coming of Age Day’ Means to Millenials Wary of Adulthood

Seijin no Hi, or Coming of Age Day in Japan, symbolizes adulthood for twenty-year-old Japanese. But the holiday is becoming less popular, owing in large part to a rough and unforgiving job market.


In Conversation with Katherine Schwarzenegger

We recently spoke with Katherine Schwarzenegger about the biggest-takeaways and lessons she gleaned from the process of writing her book, I Just Graduated ... Now What?