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Espionage 101: How to Read John le Carré

John le Carré has been thrilling readers for more than half a century. Overwhelmed by where to start with his canon? Read on.


Paperback Thrills: 16 Best Thrillers of the Last 100 Years

We’ve looked through the thrillers of the last 100 years and have pulled these sixteen books as the essentials to start with.


A Land of Thieves: 14 Quotes on Treachery and Treason

We've got things like treachery and treason on the mind - as did these remarkable authors from throughout history, from Albert Camus to Anais Nin.


April Smith Shares Her Favorite Works of Cold War Fiction

April Smith, author of Home Sweet Home, joins Signature to discuss her favorite works of Cold War fiction, from John le Carre to Frederick Forsyth.


How the Berlin Wall Inspired John le Carré’s Critical 3rd Novel

Greg Mitchell, author of The Tunnels, joined Signature to discuss the first novel written about the Berlin Wall (by none other than John le Carré).


John le Carré and the Cultural Shifts in Spy Fiction

Diving into le Carré’s thoughts on literature, politics, and storytelling reveal these shifts, and offer a glimpse at where spy fiction might turn next.