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The Story Behind Seymour M. Hersh’s Abu Ghraib Reporting

In this excerpt from Reporter, journalist Seymour M. Hersh discusses the work behind his sensational Abu Ghraib reporting for The New Yorker in 2004.


Infinite Facts: 15 Quotes on the Importance of a Free Press

"Fake News" cries notwithstanding, Americans had better find some faith in the institution of the free press while we've still got one.


Seymour Hersh's Reporter Reminds Us of the True Power of Journalism

Seymour Hersh's Reporter reminds us that a reporter can provide the public with the information they need to accede or resist government power.


Is Tech Propelling Us Into a ‘Fake News’ Future?

Also in the news: Hope for Swamp Thing's career as a matinee idol, and a list of literature's 30 worst couples. It's your Daily Blunt!


What Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs Taught Me About Freelance Writing

Elaine Pofeldt left her full-time job as a magazine editor to become a freelancer. Here, she discusses the strategies she used to make herself successful.


And 2017's Bad Sex In Fiction Award Goes To...

Also in the news: Omissions from the NYT's Notable Books list. Also, Walmart pulls a shirt that jokes about killing journalists. It's your Daily Blunt!