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Bark, Who Goes There? 10 Beloved Fictional Dogs

Let's take a momentary break from adoring all the real-life doggos, and revel in some of the made-up ones that turned us into pup lovers in the first place.


Writers Are Self-Loathing: 50 Writers on Writers, in Fiction

Author Ben Blatt attests that writers are self-loathing, and has the data to prove it. Here are 50 writers on writers, from Stephen King to Edith Wharton.


12 L. Frank Baum Quotes Hinting at the Truth Behind the Fantastical

On the occasion of L. Frank Baum's birthday, we're celebrating the author through some of his most profound thoughts and considerations.


When Trees Fight Back: 9 Sentient Trees from Fiction

‘A Monster Calls’ got us thinking about an oddly familiar trope: When trees take on a life of their own and start influencing plotlines.


For National Coming Out Day: 15 Quotes Defending Outspoken Queerness

Here are 15 quotes from authors who, consciously or otherwise, left stepping stones behind for outspoken queer people of all stripes to tread on.


Happily Ever After and Again: 8 of the Best Re-told Fairy Tales

In the world of fairy tales, there’s something quite magical about a well-done re-told classic that just sticks.