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Books for the Broken-Hearted on Valentine’s Day

For those conscientious objectors to Valentine's Day, the following books will go down like bittersweet candy.


18 Essential Classic Books to Read Before You Die

Remember all those books that you were supposed to read in your English classes and lit courses but never did? It turns out, they are worth a second look.


Karl Ove Knausgaard on the Choices We Make, Illustrated

The moon isn’t really that far away. What if some species had evolved in such a way that they could travel back and forth between our planet and its orbiting rock? Could plants have grown tendrils l


J.M. Coetzee’s Essays on Literature Examine the Role of the Author

J.M. Coetzee’s clear-eyed, informative essays about fiction examine the relationship of the author with their published work.


Literature Is What Unites America and Russia in a Time of Divisiveness

In a time of divisiveness, editor Brian James Baer reminds us that Russia and America have much in common when it comes to their literary traditions.


7 Must-reads Courtesy of Joan Juliet Buck

Inspired by her gorgeous new memoir, The Price of Illusion, we asked Joan Juliet Buck to share the must-reads from her storied life.