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National Geographic Apologizes For Past Racism

Also in today's news: Writing advice about not taking writing advice, and a comic to help students exercise their right to protest. It's your Daily Blunt!


Bad to the Bone: The Top Ten Badass Anti-Heroines in Literature

Author Chloe Esposito lists the top ten badass anti-heroines in literature, all of whom inspired the creation of Alvina Knightly from her new novel, Mad.


‘Post-Truth’ Usage Up 2k Percent; Named Word of the Year

We're going to use 'post-truth' in a sentence today! This, misogyny in MacBeth, and more all in today's Daily Blunt.


An Ode to Shakespeare from Kurt Vonnegut

Shakespeare's work has influenced writers of all kinds, including Kurt Vonnegut. Here's why the two writers are more alike than you might think.


Leslie Jones Shelves Those Concerns About Her ‘Ghostbusters’ Character

Also in your Daily Blunt: "New Jack City" turns 25, and Angela Bassett goes Lady Macbeth on an unsuspecting interviewer.


Ever Wicked: What Is It About Macbeth That Sticks?

With the latest adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth now in theaters, we’re rooting around for the true appeal of the play.