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8 Quotes In Support of De-Colonizing Our Museums

The more we understand the effects of colonialism, the greater accountability we must expect from the institutions that preserve our history.


Books of Fiction and Nonfiction That Bring the Civil Rights Movement Alive

These six books of fiction and nonfiction, from works by Dr. Martin Luther King to Toni Morrison, bring the Civil Rights Movement alive.


Struggle Over Hope: 10 Quotes to Close Out Black History Month

With these author quotes ranging from Douglass to Du Bois, we can prepare for the times ahead by reading, writing, and dreaming our way to freedom.


Malcolm X’s Letter From Mecca is a Paean to Bridge-Building with Islam

In 1964, Malcolm X took a trip to Mecca that would change his philosophy forever. He returned to the United States determined to walk a more peaceful path.


Black Panther Primer: 11 Books and Films on the Movement

Fifty years after the formation of the Black Panther Party, how much do you really know about this piece of history? Let us help.


These Are the End Times: 12 Memorable Closing Lines

The closing lines of a book characterize the strange moment when reader and author finally say farewell to each other. Here are 12 of our favorites.