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How Reading Proust Can Ruin Your Life

Never read Proust? Want to? Beware: His prose just may take over your entire life. Caroline Weber shares what happened when she read Proust.


Read the Classics Through Another’s Point of View with These 5 Memoirs

These five compelling memoirs revisit timeless classics and offer readers a unique perspective on the well-known stories.


Vigilance in an Age of ‘Alternative Facts’: 14 Quotes on the Art of Deceit

Included are a flight of quotes from wordsmiths who know a thing or two about crafting elaborate fictions -- both on the page and off.


Erin Brockovich, the Sequel? Chromium-6 Found in US Water Supply

The chemical Erin Brockovich railed against is back in the news, Oscar Wilde's prison cell is open to the public, and more in our pre-weekend Daily Blunt.


Hug a Tree! 13 Author Quotes in Observance of Arbor Day

Trees precede human life on Earth by hundreds of millions of years, so let's show them the same kind of respect on Arbor Day as these 13 author quotes.


One Translator’s Legacy: An Interview With Jean Findlay

Signature chatted with Jean Findlay, author of Chasing Lost Time, to learn more about the life of translator C.K. Scott Moncrieff, the process of writing his biography, and more.