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Mara Wilson Donates Matilda to Kids at Border

Also in your Signature Need-to-Know: A TV deal for "The Invisibles," and a letter about the time Hemingway caught a big fish.


Mara Wilson Salutes Matilda’s 30th Birthday

Also in this week's Signature Need-to-Know, we're looking closely at figures in Boy Erased, a forthcoming adaptation of The Wheel of Time, and more.


Life Advice from Roald Dahl in 10 Scrumdiddlyumptious Quotes

These Roald Dahl quotes are pearls from the master storyteller's pen, intended to help you become your best, most scrumdiddlyumptious self.


Why Roald Dahl Never Sugar-Coated His Stories for Kids

Since Roald Dahl's own life was often sadder-than-fiction, he knew children already understand how awful life could be. The trick was to laugh anyway.


'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' Back On, With a Whovian Twist

In today's roundup we've got good news for Austen fans, bad news for J-Law fans, and the not-so-secret obsessions of big-time directors.


Musical Version of 'Matilda' Will Get Its Own Film, Someday

Matilda is still making the rounds, sad news about Doris Lessing, actors and their crafts, and cherry pie -- all in our Monday roundup.