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Snapping Into Focus: Photography As Mindful Practice

The author of Zen Camera proposes a path toward living a rich photographic life, one which reveals the individual far better than any mere selfie.


Battle to Win Ourselves: How Mindfulness Can Help Us Make Decisions

Jeffrey Warren, author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, on how meditation can help us make decisions in our everyday lives.


The Best Books of December 2017: From Chiaverini to Arden

There's a little something for everyone in December 2017's new crop of books, from historical fiction by Jennifer Chiaverini to new Katherine Arden.


Weekend Rec: I Am Here Now by The Mindfulness Project

This weekend, we're focusing on self-care and meditation while reading I Am Here Now, by the Mindfulness Project. Be sure to grab a copy and get reading!


Human Being or Human Doing: It’s Up to You, Friends

In this world of nonstop instant gratification, how does one stop doing and try just being? William Pullen weighs in with a few ideas.


The Most Important Thing About Meditation

Daniel Goleman is the New York Times bestselling author of the groundbreaking book Emotional Intelligence. A psychologist and science journalist, he reported on brain and behavioral research for