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A Nation Plagued by Conflict: 10 Best Israel Books to Read Now

These books, many by Israeli authors, provide insight into Israeli culture and identity, and the complexities and trials inherent to life in Israel. 


2 Great New Novels That Explore Middle East Families

Salt Houses by Hala Alyan and The Last Days of Café Leila by Donia Bijan explore similar themes with Middle Eastern families at their centers.


5 Must Reads to Understand the Muslim Experience

More misconceptions than ever abound about Muslims in this day and age. Here’s what to read to better understand the Muslim experience.


Understanding Sudan: The Best Books on Sudanese History to Today

The complicated history of Sudan is filled with conflict, genocide, and tragedy. Here we present the books to turn to in an effort to understand.


Reading the Republic: Best Books to Understand Iraq

Books, as ever, offer insight and understanding into topics we don’t always understand. Today, we turn to literature to better understand Iraq.


Yemen Revealed: Best Books to Understand a Complicated Nation

Yemen, one of seven Muslim-majority countries whose citizens Trump tried to ban from entering the U.S., has a history unlike any other.