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The Daily Rituals that Will Change Your Writing (and Your Life)

Marc and Angel Chernoff, authors of Getting Back to Happy, share some tips for establishing daily writing rituals that can change your life.


5 Books to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Mental Well-Being

Corinne Sweet, author of The Anxiety Journal, joins Signature to recommend her five favorite books to help reduce stress and improve mental health.


Get Moving: 11 Best Books on Running to Read This Spring

These books will help you to get motivated and get out there, regardless of whether you're a marathon junkie or just starting out.


Snapping Into Focus: Photography As Mindful Practice

The author of Zen Camera proposes a path toward living a rich photographic life, one which reveals the individual far better than any mere selfie.


Battle to Win Ourselves: How Mindfulness Can Help Us Make Decisions

Jeffrey Warren, author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, on how meditation can help us make decisions in our everyday lives.


Weekend Rec: I Am Here Now by The Mindfulness Project

This weekend, we're focusing on self-care and meditation while reading I Am Here Now, by the Mindfulness Project. Be sure to grab a copy and get reading!