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Herman Melville, From Novella to Opus: What to Read and Where to Start

Moby-Dick is worth reading, we promise: It's as good as everyone says. Here's where to start with reading Herman Melville!


Smithsonian Explains Moby-Dick's Occasional Hyphen

Also in the news: The books found aboard Blackbeard's ship, and a library entirely salvaged from garbage. Welcome to the Daily Blunt!


7 Characters in Classics from Whose POV We’d Like to Hear

These classic novels have held our hearts with good reason – but for a change of pace, what about hearing the story from another character’s point of view?


Weekend Reading: Hillary and Bill Clinton, Bitcoin Theft, and More

This weekend, celebrate Hillary Clinton, the first woman to be nominated for President of the United States (and ponder the meaning of First Gentleman), guard your Bitcoins, and more.


Made in the Northeast: A Guide to New England Literature

Brenda Bowen, author of Enchanted August, discusses her fascination with New England and some of the great literary works that have been born there.


5 Signs Herman Melville Truly Loved Nathaniel Hawthorne

Mark Beauregard, author of The Whale, makes a compelling case for why we've reason to believe Herman Melville truly loved Nathaniel Hawthorne.