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Why the Latest Adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It’ Just Works

We tend to hold our collective breath when a Stephen King adaptation lands; this one left us exhaling with relief. Here's why it works.


‘The Lost City of Z’ Is Much More Than a Great Adventure Movie

‘The Lost City of Z,’ adapted from the book by David Grann, is already proving to be worthy of awards chatter. Here’s our review.


‘Beauty and the Beast’ v2.0: Check Your Skepticism at the Door

The news of a remake of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ invited much skepticism – but the final product is full of welcome surprises.


‘Live by Night’: Dead on Arrival?

Ben Affleck’s latest directorial effort, ‘Live by Night,’ is nice to look at – but offers little else to satisfy film fans.


Why You Should Begin 2017 by Seeing ‘Hidden Figures’

‘Hidden Figures’ is likely on your radar by now. If you’ve not yet seen it, here’s why you should at the start of this year.


Melodrama Distilled: Meet the Beauty of Pedro Almodovar’s Latest, ‘Julieta’

‘Julieta’ may not be the best work we’ve seen by Pedro Almodovar – but here’s why ‘Julieta’ is still the best film of the year.