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100 Best Thrillers of All Time

You’ve probably binge-watched all the top thriller movies out now on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, but have you read the best thrillers of all time?


Why It’s Okay to Root for the “Villain” in Books and Movies

Author Rena Olsen on the allure of villains for readers and writers and why there's no such thing as a fully evil character.


E L James Interview: Fifty Shades of Grey Author on Movie 'Book Club'

We interviewed author E L James to go behind-the-scenes of Fifty Shades of Grey and 'Book Club,' starring Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, and Candice Bergen.


Christian Duguay on Bringing a WWII Classic to the Big Screen

Writer and director Christian Duguay talks about what it was like to adapt Joseph Joffo's compelling WWII novel, A Bag of Marbles.


5 Vintage Movie Classics That Are Worth a Watch

Rather than braving January’s cold winds, it’s best to stay home and cozy up with film classics. Here are five pairings to get you started.


What’s the Real Deal with ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar’?

On the fortieth anniversary of the release of ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar,’ our writer asks: Does this film investigate or perpetuate female objectification?