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Fred Hersch Presents: 11 Influential Jazz Recordings to Listen to Now

Jazz pianist, composer, activist, and educator Fred Hersch cultivated a listening list comprised of 11 highly influential jazz recordings.


Sick On You: 5 Rock 'N' Roll Rules Made to Be Broken

Read an excerpt from lead singer Andrew Matheson's memoir, Sick On You, chronicling 1970s punk band the Hollywood Brats' spectacular failure to make it big.


At Last, Art: Hits and Heartbreak in Kim Gordon’s ‘Girl in a Band’

Get an insider look at the evolution of rock ethos from the sixties through (and beyond) the nineties in Gordon's new memoir.


Gary Oldman Reads Aloud from R. Kelly’s Memoir “Soulacoaster”

Now, to join the uproarious ranks of awkward book readings is Gary Oldman, who reads aloud from "Soulacoaster" with dramatic Shakespearean flare on Jimmy Kimmel Live. You may recall the news about R. Kelly's recent publication of "Soulacoster: The Diary of Me," a memoir about the rapper's lengthy career, from his ascent to the top of American R&B charts with I Believe I Can Fly to his near downfall fighting legal and personal battles that smeared his name in the tabloids.