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Topping the Charts: The 17 Best Music Books to Read Now

Music is a universal language, with the power to bring people together. These books, a mix of fiction and nonfiction, showcase the magic of music.


To Be a Drummer: Read an Excerpt from Phil Collins’s Memoir

An excerpt from drummer and frontman of Genesis Phil Collins' memoir, Not Dead Yet. Here, Phil talks about the unique challenges of being a drummer.


Fred Hersch Presents: 11 Influential Jazz Recordings to Listen to Now

Jazz pianist, composer, activist, and educator Fred Hersch cultivated a listening list comprised of 11 highly influential jazz recordings.


'Ricki and the Flash' & 7 Movies About Musicians Looking Back

Movies about middle-aged rock stars reflecting on their lives seem to be multiplying, but it's not that new a trope.


Jersey Boys and the Best Musician Cameos in Film

With the release of Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys, we're looking at the best cameos made by musicians in films.