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Making History: Characters in Narrative Nonfiction

Gary Krist, author of The Mirage Factory, on how narrative historians, like fiction writers, must write about characters who are fascinating to read about.


Zadie Smith on the Essential Services of Independent Bookstores

In "North West London Blues," an essay in Zadie Smith's collection Feel Free, Smith reflects on the incredible importance of independent bookstores.


2 New Books That Reinterpret History Through Their Storytelling

Historical fiction is not a new genre by any means, but these two new books take it to new places. Here's why we're recommending them.


Joan Didion’s 1970 Trip to Mississippi, Illustrated

In 1970, Joan Didion had lunch with Stan Torgerson, the white owner of the local black radio station in Meridian, Mississippi. She did not enjoy it.


Knowing Where to Begin When Writing Narrative Nonfiction

Collect the beats. Tease out the structure. Play with the order. With an open and playful approach, you can easily become the master of your story.


Tracy Kidder on Writing Nonfiction About Admirable People

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tracy Kidder spoke with Signature about writing nonfiction, American identity, and his latest book, A Truck Full of Money.