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Batten Down the Hatches: 8 Great Adventure Stories

Adventure stories thrill us endlessly. Here we offer up a few of our favorites from literature for your own reading pleasure.


Valiant Ambition: Nathaniel Philbrick’s Highly Readable History

The things normally reserved for popular novelists -- literary awards, Hollywood adaptations -- Nathaniel Philbrick earns with his engrossing history books.


Circling the Heart of the Sea: 8 Great Maritime Adventure Movies

'In the Heart of the Sea' isn't the first maritime adventure to land in theaters. Here are eight greats that came before.


Diving Into ‘Heart of the Sea’ With Screenwriter Charles Leavitt

In our interview with 'In the Heart of the Sea' screenwriter Charles Leavitt, we talk Moby-Dick, cannibalism, and more.