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German Art Star Anselm Kiefer Tackles New York One Book at a Time

A profile of German artist Anselm Kiefer and his most recent work, including "Uraeus," a bookish sculpture currently on display in Rockefeller Center.


Elizabeth Barlow Rogers and Other Heroes of NYC’s Central Park

These four historic figures, including Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, played major roles in the creation and conservancy of New York City's Central Park.


The Beautiful and Tanned: Sally Franson on Going from Temp to Writer

Sally Franson, author of A Lady's Guide to Selling Out, on how she went from temping in the offices of Daily Candy to becoming a full-time writer.


John Freeman Gill Chases Down the Architecture of 1970s NYC

John Freeman Gill on how he bridged the gap between journalism, memoir, and fiction to craft a picture of 1970s NYC architecture in The Gargoyle Hunters.


Get to Know Anna Quindlen’s Works of Fiction and Nonfiction

To get to know the works by former journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Anna Quindlen, check out this list of books.


An After-Dark Visit to Grant’s Tomb, North America’s Largest Mausoleum

Discover what an exclusive after-dark tour through Grant's Memorial is really like, and learn about the history behind the largest tomb in North America.