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Seymour Hersh's Reporter Reminds Us of the True Power of Journalism

Seymour Hersh's Reporter reminds us that a reporter can provide the public with the information they need to accede or resist government power.


Ted Koppel on the Changes and Challenges of Modern News Media

Ted Koppel, author of Lights Out, describes the changes and challenges he sees for modern media in an increasingly competitive news landscape.


Why the Traditional Media No Longer Serves Our Needs

Bruce Bartlett, author of The Truth Matters, explains why traditional media is dying a slow death, and why fairness is crucial in the news.


A Conversation with Calvin Trillin on Race and Writing

We caught up with Calvin Trillin to talk reporting, race, and more. Listen in to this episode of Beaks & Geeks to learn more.


James Ellroy’s Blood’s a Rover Movie Making a Move

It’s been lingering in limbo for a few years now, but the adaptation of James Ellroy’s Blood’s a Rover may finally be climbing its way out of pre-production purgatory.


Introducing: Signature, Making Well-Read Sense of the World

On November 23, 2015, Biographile officially became Signature. In renaming and redesigning the site, we have formalized the new breadth of our coverage.