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10 Debut Novels That You Need to Read Before Spring 2018

Don’t let these debuts pass you by – pick up one (or many) of these mesmerizing reads, and get utterly lost in a newly fabricated fictional world.


How a Dare Morphed into a Full-Fledged Novel

Emily Barton, author of The Book of Esther, reflects on how a simple dare from her husband morphed into a full-fledged novel.


Fiction, Memoirs, and Authors Who Dare to Dabble in Both

What, if anything, is the difference between fiction and memoir writing? And what happens when a writer switches between the two?


Traveling on the Heels of Henry James and His Masterwork: Portrait of a Novel

Here is a stunning illustration of Michael Gorra's book on Henry James, Portrait of a Novel. Any great work of art is a portrait of its maker. If you have any doubts about this, you might be persuaded by reading Gorra’s Portrait of a Novel (now out in paperback), which traces the beginnings, process, revisions, and results of Henry James’s masterpiece Portrait of a Lady.


The Penmanship of Proust and All That It Triggers 100 Years After ‘Swann’s Way’

On contemplating the humanity of Proust’s handwritten revisions, his life in light of Edmund White’s accessible biography of the famous writer, and the question of what it actually means to be a quote-unquote novelist.


Reading My Father: Q&A With William Styron’s Daughter Alexandra on His Birthday

William Clark Styron, Jr., the Pulitzer-winning author of books including Sophie's Choice and Lie Down in Darkness, was born in the Tidewater region of Virginia on this day in 1925. His daughter Alexandra Styron joins us in remembering him. Her 2011 memoir Reading My Father is an illuminating account of their relationship set against the arc of his artistic life, complicated greatly by his lifelong struggle with clinical depression culminating in two major episodes when he was sixty and seventy-five.