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Filmic Joan Didion: On the Writer and ‘The Center Will Not Hold’

The upcoming Netflix documentary, "Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold," will be released on October 27th. Here's a brief look at Joan's legendary life.


How I Transitioned from Writing Screenplays to Writing Fiction

Hart Hanson, author of The Driver, shares the differences between screenwriting and fiction writing, and how he translated his skills to become a novelist.


Hala Alyan On How Writing Poetry Helped Her Become a Novelist

Hala Alyan, award-winning Palestinian American poet and clinical psychologist, speaks about how being a poet helped her to write her first novel.


Tom Robbins Tells Story of His Imaginative Life in ‘Tibetan Peach Pie’

In his just-published life story, Tibetan Peach Pie, Tom Robbins relies on the same vivid imagination that fueled novels like Jitterbug Perfume and Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.


J.G. Ballard on Sci-Fi and Dislocation

Novelist J.G. Ballard doesn’t mince words. Reading his autobiography "Miracles of Life: From Shanghai to Shepperton," readers can find out in no uncertain terms what he thought of his parents, the use of nuclear weapons on Japan, the sorry demeanor of post-war England, and the science fiction literary establishment he started breaking into in the late 1950s. Despite carving out a generous niche in the sci-fi market that once rejected him, it seems that he never felt totally at home anywhere.