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An Illustrated Guide to Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, 60 Years Later

On the 60th anniversary of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, we're taking an illustrated look back at its major players, from Allen Ginsberg to Neal Cassady.


The Great ‘Mocha Dick:’ 6 Quirky Origins of Famous Works of Literature

In 1950, a young writer named Neal typed a letter to his friend Jack. Jack read it, tossed the draft of the novel he was working on, started again with Neal’s voice in his ear, and wrote what would become On the Road.


10 Jack Kerouac Quotes for Secret Optimists

On the eve of the anniversary of his death, Signature honors the life and works of Jack Kerouac with this list of ten surprisingly uplifting quotes from the iconic writer.


Lessons from Venice in August, by Sophie Kinsella

For Signature’s That Summer series, in which authors share the stories of the summer that shaped them, Sophie Kinsella looks back to her last summer before becoming a parent – and what she learned on that summer’s trip to Venice.


Brittani Sonnenberg on Atlanta Summers and Homesick Blues

For Signature's That Summer series, Brittani Sonnenberg -- author of Home Leave -- reflects on her move to Shanghai at twelve years old, and the first youthful pangs of nostalgia she felt for the Atlanta she left.


The Birth of a Writer in Paris, by Jen Doll

For Signature’s That Summer series, 'Save the Date' author Jen Doll looks back to a post-high school summer during which she learned the importance of continued writing.