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10 Books to Help You Escape and Unwind

Whether you’re looking for a vicarious thrill, some romance, or a literary jaunt to a far-off locale, here’s some of our favorite escapist literature.


An American Pastry Chef Exposes the Delights and Disasters of Paris Life

David Lebovitz's new book L'Appart will give you a realistic yet appealing view of what life as a Parisian is really like.


Plus ça Change: 20 Years After Diana’s Death, Paparazzi Continue to Stalk

Twenty years after Princess Diana's untimely death, paparazzi continue to stalk the rich and the famous. Author Tom Sancton joins us to help to explain why.


Great Expeditions: The Top 10 Cities for Literary Travelers

Do you have both wanderlust and a love for literature? These ten breathtaking cities have plenty for book lovers to discover around the world.


‘The Never Book:’ Eleanor Brown on Writing a Novel She Swore Against

Eleanor Brown shares what influenced her to break her usual style of writing when beginning her newest historical novel, The Light of Paris.


Paris Dispatch: The Intersection of Novel Writing and Research

                                          Alyson Richman explains how a photograph of an elegant, abandoned Paris apartment inspired her new novel, The Velvet Hours.   For me, every novel begins from a spark of curiosity, a nagging question that doesn’t have an easy answer. As an author of his