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Dave Isay on How to Find Your Life’s Calling and Live Out Your Dreams

Dave Isay, founder of StoryCorps and author of Callings, offers advice for finding out what you’re meant to do in life, which can happen at any age.


The Origins of What Color Is Your Parachute: Dick Bolles’s Editor Reflects

The editor of Richard Bolles's classic, What Color Is Your Parachute?, reflects back on working with Dick, the origins of the title, and the book's legacy.


The Many Shapes of Music in Fiction, from Kunzru to Murakami

Kunzru and Murakami appreciate the power of song and acknowledge that music often exists in a space where certainty is hard to come by.


Digital Projection Woes Foil Screening of Brian de Palma's 'Passion' at NYFF

Our roundup today also touches on William Faulkner's early career woes, Joshie from Diary of a Wimpy Kid has his moment in the sun, and Marilyn Monroe is the topic du jour on Bonnie and Maude.