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How Trump’s Election Inspired William Gibson to Rewrite His New Book

The closest thing you'll find to literary Trump news comes from William Gibson. This and lots more in today's Daily Blunt!


A First Look at Elle Fanning as ‘Frankenstein’ Author Mary Shelley

We're keeping tabs on Elle Fanning as Mary Shelley, the inner workings of Russia, and more. Before the weekend, take a moment with your Daily Blunt.


HBO to Air ‘Wishful Drinking’ Again on New Year’s Day

Also in the news: Cronenberg's "Total Recall," and Dietrich's personal library. It's time for your Daily Blunt!


'Roots' Remake Will Air on Three Different Channels

Today's Daily Blunt also anticipates a "Starship Troopers" series and wishes a happy 85th birthday to Nancy Drew.


Ma Sharona: Golden Globe Winner Sharon Stone Still Revolutionary

Signature catches up with Sharon Stone, whose recent turn as Linda Lovelace's mother did indeed show off her maternal side.


New Trailer: 'Les Miz' Promises Vocal Integrity, Visual Artistry

Also on our radar: How many quotes from 'Princess Bride' can you stuff into one sports show? Why is Johnny Carson the perfect biopic subject? And what lessons were learned from the remake of 'Total Recall.'