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SN2K: David Duke Frets About Portrayal in ‘BlacKkKlansmen’, and More

Also in your Signature Need-to-Know: Rebecca Hall to adapt "Passing," and an Anne Frank production with an ICE angle.


How Libraries Are Waging War Against the Opioid Crisis

Also in the news: Danny Torrance is all grown up, and an author writes a love letter to her favorite convenience store. It's your Daily Blunt!


Close Encounters: 9 Quotes About Extraterrestrial Life

Is anyone out there really listening? If so, please accept this bouquet of quotes about the possibility of alien encounters.


The Vegetarian Translator Addresses Her Critics

Also in the news: Anne Rice finds a showrunner for her Vampire Chronicles, and we get our first peek at HBO's "Fahrenheit 451." It's your Daily Blunt!


10 Wise Quotes from Authors With December Birthdays

So many of our favorite writers were December babies. Here are some of their most quotable contributions to the subjects of life, love, and literature.


Still Dreaming: A Guide to the Essential Philip K. Dick Books

The work of Philip K. Dick extends well beyond the world of Blade Runner. Here’s our guide to the essential Philip K. Dick books to put on your list.